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Risk and Finance

Coordinators: Katrin Löhr (Dortmund), Rao Aamir Khan (Kassel)


1. Understanding Risk Management in Renewable Energy Projects, Mohammed Hossain (Dortmund) hossain.pdf

2. Valuation issues and gaps in financial modeling - an industry perspective on the use of Net Present Value models in the pharmaceutical industry, , Lars Boerger (Dortmund) boerger.pdf

3. Retirement Financial Planning & the Financial Crisi, Katrin Loehr (Dortmund)

4. Assessing the Unfavorable Influence of National Environment on Project Performance, Rao Aamir Khan, Konrad Spang (Kassel) rao2012.pdf

5. Comparative study of eCl@ss and Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV) in Selected Area of Construction with ORM support, Bilal, M.; Ali, R. T.; Khushnood, M. (Dortmund) bilalea.pdf