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Creativity in Projects and Organizations

Coordinators: José Ramon Otegi Olaso (Bilbao), Michael Littman (Buffalo), Sabine Hotho (Dundee)


Creativity is probably the most important competence of the human being. No project and no organization can be managed without creativity and creative problem solving.

In this module we want to focus on visual thinking and on tools and techniques that support creativity and creative problem solving in projects and organizations. We will discuss how we can stimulate creativity and creative problem solving.

Planned contributions - preliminary list

1. José Ramón Otegia, Ibon Mirandab, Javier Baztanc: Creative Project Management and Decision Making - presentation on Friday at 10:15

2. Sabine Hotho, Katherine Champion : We are always after that balance - Managing Creativity in the Digital Media Industries - presentation on Friday at10:45

3. Ilias Ntais: Process redesign in Orchestra Management

4. Dino Schönberg, Peter Reusch: Object Role Models Supporting Creativity - presentation on Friday at 11:15

5. Peter Reusch; Sylvie Reusch: TRIZ - What Engineers can learn from Linguists presentation Friday 11:45

6. Peter Reusch, Alina Mariana Zlatescu, Artur Mukhametshin, Sergio Vasquez Kaufmann: The Impact of Culture on Creativity - presentation on Friday 11:55

6. Alexandru Sereseanu, Arsen Asvarov: Embedding Knowledge Management Practices in Higher Education - presentation on Friday at 12:15


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