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International Research Conference 2015 - Session on Sustainability and Quality Management in Projects

Co-Organizers: Peter J. A. Reusch, José Ramon Otegi


Friday, 26th of June starting at 9:15 in Room 0.01 at Emil-Figge-Strasse 44

Preliminary list of contributions:

  • ===Knowledge Transfer between Theory and Practice - relevant for Developing Project Management Competencies - Dorthee Feldmüller===
  • ===The Sustainable Project Management Maturity Model - Gilbert Silvius, Ron Schipper===
  • ===Sustainable Project Management Canvas - Ron Schipper, Gilbert Silvius===
  • ===Practical Implications of the Critical Field Approach - Wolfgang Tysiak===
  • ===Review of Research into Sustainbility and Project Management - José Ramon Otegi Olaso===
  • ===The influence of quality management practices on sustainable operations in the service industry - Rao Aamir Khan, Adnan Mirza===
  • ===How Project Management Offices and Enterprise Project Management Offices can support Sustainability in Projects - Ekomenzoge Metuge===
  • ===The Project Scorecard as a Steering Tool for the Implementation of a Modular Design Strategy - Maryna Siakhovich===
  • ===Negotiations in Projects - Werner Wetekamp===
  • ===A Redesign of Project Management Knowledge Fields - Peter J. A. Reusch===
  • ===How to shape Project Organization Management? - Peter J. A. Reusch, Viktoriia Pogrebniak===
  • === Application of Creativity to the Project Management with a focus on Organizing Process - Peter J. A. Reusch, Maria Zadnepryanets===
  • ===Communication, creativity and culture - Reusch, Peter J. A., Alesia Kunts===
  • ===Development of Organization Competencies in Project Management - Sergey Bushuyeva, Denis Bushuyevb, Victoria Rogozinac===
  • ===Forms of Trust and their Interrelationsships within the Project´s Life Cycle - Iryna Liubyma===
  • ===Review of interaction of quality management methodologies and concepts during project implementation - Nadiia Volygina===
  • ===Substantiation of using IPMA OCB a s a Basis for Operation and Development of Companies - Volodymyr Galaniuk===
  • ===Applying Project Management Methods in Creating a Start-up Business Plan: Case of Blendlee. Jolita Kiznyte, Marcos Welker, André Dechange===