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Welcome to the Wikispace of the International Research Conference at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund


Some of the foreign experts at the conference: Javier Camaano (Bilbao), Michael Littman (Buffalo), Zaneta Ilmete (Riga), Katherine Champion (Dundee) , Wilhelm Schwick (Dortmund - Rector), Jose Ramon Otegi (Bilbao), Sabine Hotho (Dundee), Nikolai Beljatski (Minsk) , Sigrid Michel (Dortmund - Applied Social Sciences), Christoph Engels (Dortmund - Vice dean IT faculty), Peter Reusch (Dortmund, Riga, Minsk, Bilbao), Inesa Vorontchuk (Riga), Sylvie Reusch (Dijon/Mainz)


Core issues of the conference

  • The conference will take place on the 4th and 5th of June 2010 in Dortmund at Emil-Figge-Str. 40a in the new "Infra structure" building between the buildings of the faculties of architecture and computing - in that new building is a mensa and a lecture hall.
  • The conference is focused on research fields supported by colleagues from different faculties at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund and at partner universities.
  • The conference is a forum for collaborating researchers and their master and ph.d. students - a forum to present and discuss recent results and trends.
  • The conference consists of several modules - all these modules contribute to project management - and most topics are included in the European Master in Project Management - EuroMPM - implemented in Dortmund, Bilbao and Trondheim.
  • The sessions of these modules will take at most half a day - so that there will be many opportunities to listen and discuss in several modules.
  • Conference language is English - additional meetings will be organized in English, French, German and/or Russian
  • We plan to submit conference proceedings for all participants on CD - and abstracts on a web site.
  • The conference is free of fees.
  • Foreign guests are accomodated in Hotel Esplanade

Conference Organization

  • Honorary chair of the conference is Prof. Dr. Javier Caamaño Eraso - he implemented the European Master in Project Management in Bilbao and retired in October 2009. His contributions are very important for the study courses especially in Dortmund and Bilbao and for the EuroMPM consortium.
  • Conference co-chairs are Christoph Engels (IT Faculty Dortmund) and Peter Reusch (Faculty of Business Administration Dortmund)
  • Rector Prof. Dr. Schwick will open the conference on the 4th of June at 10 a.m. in Dortmund at Emil-Figge-Str. 40a
Coordinators of modules are:
  1. Creativity in Projects and Organizations - José Ramon Otegi Olaso, Michael Littman, Sabine Hotho
  2. Competencies in Projects and Organizations - Peter Reusch, Sylvie Reusch, Inese Vorontchuk, Nikolai Beljatski
  3. Intercultural Competencies - Henri de Jongste, Werner Müller-Pelzer
  4. Social Responsibility - Sigrid Michel, Peter Reusch, Muhammad Khushnood, Rao Aamir Khan, Sohail Aslam
  5. Managing Project Integration in Large Projects - Carsten Wolff, Maren Kaling
  6. Wireless Systems - Uwe Großmann, Christof Röhrig

Please send a mail to register for the conference: [eurompmdortmund@googlemail.com]

Peter and Javier (now also with a turtle)