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Knowledge Management, Thesauri, and Creativity - a Lighthouse Workshop

Coordinators: Peter Reusch (Dortmund), Sylvie Reusch(Dijon/Mainz), Edgar Bellow (Reims)


In this session experts from linguistics, logic, computer science, and management come together to share recent results in knowledge management and to prepare nexts steps for joint future research.

Starting points are results on knowledge representation and thesauri. Thesauri were analysed and compared, new fields for the application of thesauri for example in project management were developed, topic maps and topic map software were used to implement facets of thesauri.

After the presentation and discussion of results we will work on a new international joint project in that area.

    • Sylvie Reusch: The crisis of Thesauri today and concepts for future Thesauri
    • Michael Meschede, Peter Reusch: Topic Maps for Thesauri - Concepts and Case Stuidestmthesauri.pdf
    • Christian Reimann and EuroMPM Students: A Thesaurus on Project Management - A Case Study
    • Edgar Bellow: Issues on Knowledge Management and Creativity