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Global Business Projects - a Lighthouse Workshop

Coordinators: Jan-Philipp Büchler (Dortmund), Serge Velesco (Mittweida)

This session shows the growing importance of global business projects - and shows new initiatives at German universities. The coordinators started or will start their professorships in 2011. They reshape research and higher education in global business management and international business studies.

The workshop shows results and prepares future research.

Focus of the workshop:

Management of design-to-launch projects.

A comparative analysis from consumer goods and services industries

We plan to have:

  • presentation on basics of design-to-launch processes and projects
  • focus on D2L projects in consumer goods vs. services industry
  • interactive case study on consumer electronics
  • interactive case study on personal care
  • outline of Euro MPM course Managing Global Business Projects
  • group disscussion and Q&A

Conference discussion paper: 2011_Design-to-Launch_IRC Dortmund_JPBuechler_v_1.1_2306.pdf

Conference presentation: 2011-06-21_IRC Dortmund - D2L v1.0_Buechler-Velesco_slim version.pdf

Thank you very much for your active participation and contribution to this lighthouse workshop. It was a pleasure to share and discuss ideas together with you. Any further remarks and comments are welcome to: [jan-philipp.buechler@cemsmail.org]

Kind regards

Dr. Jan-Philipp Büchler