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Project Risk - Project Finance

Coordinators: Katrin Löhr (Dortmund), Rao Aamir Khan (Kassel), Wolfgang Tysiak (Dortmund)


Research on Project Risk/Finance is well integrated within the framework of European Master in Project Management courses. The knowledge of Project Finance and Economics is used to take decisions regarding billions of dollars of capital-intensive projects annually. The decision to make a ‘mega’ investment turns out to be a defining moment for most companies. Risk identification and allocation is a key component of project finance. Research on Risk and Finance in project environment can bring new insight on existing theories of capital structure, corporate governance, and risk management.

In this session we want to focus on Risk Management, Project Finance & Project Cost Management and look forward to interesting discussions.

    • Rao Aamir Khan, Peter Reusch: Towards Improved Standard on Project Cost Management: A case of PMBOK®
    • Wolfgang Tysiak: Why does risk management fail?
    • Agil Gaytaranov: From Monte Carlo to Critical Chain - Concepts and Opportunities