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Wireless Systems

Coordinator: Uwe Großmann, Christof Röhrig


Wireless systems belong to the main research fields at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts - supported by researchers of several faculties and partners from other universities.

In this module we will discuss results of the research consortium and invite further colleagues interested in that field.


1. Heß, Daniel: Advanced Remote Control of Mobile Robots using Mobile Devices - presentation on Friday at 15:00

2. Künemund, Frank: Estimation of Position and Orientation using Wireless LAN Signal Strength and Artificial Neural Networks - presentation on Friday at 15:20

3. Hakobyan, Syuzanna: Advanced WLAN: Architecture of a Miniport driver - presentation on Friday at 15:40

4. Gansemer, Sebastian: Electricity pricing plans and their potential use for load shifting in electricity grids - presentation on Friday at 16:00