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Social Responsibility

Coordinator: Sigrid Michel, Peter Reusch


Social responsibility is more and more important in projects and organizations. ISO 26000 offers a Guidance on Social Responsibility recently developed by the International Standards Organization. Social responsibility will reshape the map of standards - and will play a fundamental role like quality management.

Social responsibility is important to manage the financial crisis.

In this module the role of social responsibility in projects and organizations will be discussed - with one focus on a redesign of management processes to include perspectives of social responsibility.

The results of several research streams will come together here.

1. Kjell Stroem, Sebastian Huber (Roland Berger): Profitable Corporate Responsibility - presentation on Saturday at 10:35

2. Muntean, Daciana; Michel, Sigrid: Stakeholder Analysis – A Methodological Approach - presentation on Friday at 13:30

3. Vasquez Kaufmann, Sergio: A Maturity Model for Social Responsibility - presentation on Friday at 13:50

4. Aamir Khan, Rao; Spang, Konrad: Social Responsibility : Criteria for Assessing Success in International Projects - presentation on Friday at 14:10

5. Khushnood, Muhammad; Reusch, Peter: Object Role Modeling Support Social Project Management - presentation on Friday at 14:30

6. Philipp Spenhoff: Corporate Social Responsibility - All About Marketing?