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Schedule of the International Research Conference at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund


Core issues

  • The conference will take place on the 4th and 5th of June 2010 in Dortmund at Emil-Figge-Str. 40a in the new "Infra structure" building between the buildings of the faculties of architecture and computing - in that new building is a mensa and a lecture hall..
  • Foreign guests are accomodated in Hotel Esplanade

Preliminary schedule of the conference


Thursday, 3rd of June

  • 19:00 Come together Wenkers Markt Dortmund City - meeting Esplanade 18:45

Friday, 4th of June

Foreign guests accomodated in hotel Esplande will meet Sergio at 8:40 in the lobby of the hotel - they will take the train to campus and will look around for some minutes.

10:00 Rector Prof. Dr. Schwick Opening
10:15 José Ramón Otegia, Ibon Mirandab, Javier Baztanc Creative Project Management and Decision Making
10:45 Sabine Hotho, Katherine Champion We are always after that balance - Managing Creativity in the Digital Media Industries
11:15 Dino Schönberg, Peter Reusch Object Role Models Supporting Creativity
11:30 Break
11:45 Peter Reusch, Sylvie Reusch TRIZ - What Engineers can learn from Linguists
11:55 Peter Reusch, Alina Mariana Zlatescu, Artur Mukhametshin, Sergio Vasquez Kaufmann The Impact of Culture on Creativity
12:15 Alexandru Sereseanu, Arsen Asvarov Embedding Knowledge Management Practices in Higher Education
12:30 Break
13:30 Daciana Muntean, Sigrid Michel Stakeholder Analysis – A Methodological Approach
13:50 Sergio Vasquez Kaufmann A Maturity Model for Social Responsibility
14:10 Rao Aamir Khan, Konrad Spang Social Responsibility : Criteria for Assessing Success in International Projects
14:30 Muhammad Khushnood, Peter Reusch Object Role Modeling Support Social Project Management
14:50 Break
15:00 Daniel Heß Advanced Remote Control of Mobile Robots using Mobile Devices
15:20 Frank Künemund Estimation of Position and Orientation using Wireless LAN Signal Strength and Artificial Neural Networks
15:40 Syuzanna Hakobyan Advanced WLAN: Architecture of a Miniport driver
16:00 Sebastian Gansemer Electricity pricing plans and their potential use for load shifting in electricity grids

Saturday, 5th of June

9:00 Oliver Hempel Considering different communication requirements in complex projects
9:20 Tobias Bich, Felix Erdmann, Christopher Kirsch, Daniel Kirsch, Lukas Krawczyk, Marcel Müller, Dennis Röhrig Project Integration in HW/SW Codesign Projects
9:40 Maren Kaling, Carsten Wolff Six Principles for Project Integration in Large Projects
10:00 Break
10:10 Werner Wetekamp (RWE) Competencies in Projects and Organizations – Example RWE Polska
10:35 Kjell Stroem, Sebastian Huber (Roland Berger) Profitable Corporate Responsibility
11:00 Break
11:15 Inesa Voronchuk, Andris Sarnovic Features of a competence-based approaches in public administration organizations of Latvia
11:40 Javier Caamaño Eraso Competencies in Projects - Historical Development and Recent Issues
12:05 Jan Christoph Albrecht Project Management Standards and Actual Project Management Conditions in the German Plant Engineering Industry
12:30 Break
13:30 Sylvie Reusch The change to learning outcomes concepts, policy and educational practice in Europe
13:50 Michael Littman Using Learning Outcomes and the Accreditation Process to Develop Successful International Business Programs
14:10 Peter Reusch, Dino Schönberg How to use the European Qualification Framework in real study courses - and how EQF may help for accreditation
14:30 Break
14:45 Simon Jakubowski Kompetenzen für das Management von Förderprogrammen in einer Hochschule
15:00 Dirk Kleemeier Kompetenzen in einem kommunalen Rechenzentrum
15:15 Break
15:30 Edgar Bellow European Identity: Does Europe exist?
15:55 Werner Müller-Pelzer Intercultural competence for Europeans? Some observations on European identity
16:20 Henri de Jongste What Matsumoto's model shows us - Insight into Human Nature, Culture, Context and Personality