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Intercultural Competencies

Coordinators: Henri de Jongste, Werner Müller-Pelzer


Research in multi-cultural communication and intercultural competencies has a long tradition in the Faculty of Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund. This research is linked to the study programmes in International Business implemented about 20 years ago and is linked to the partners in the International Business programmes.

In this module we want to focus on Intercultural Competencies and look forward to discussions with colleagues from partners and further universities.

Edgar Bellow: European Identity: Does Europe exist? - presentation an Saturday at 15:30

Werner Müller-Pelzer: Intercultural competence for Europeans? Some observations on European identity - presentation on Saturday at 15:55

Henri de Jongste: What Matsumoto's model shows us - Insight into Human Nature, Culture, Context and Personality - presentation on Saturday at 16:20

Peter Reusch, Alina Mariana Zlatescu, Artur Mukhametshin, Sergio Vasquez Kaufmann: The Impact of Culture on Creativity - presentation on Friday before lunch