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Competencies in Projects and Organizations

Coordinators: Peter Reusch (Dortmund), Sylvie Reusch (Dijon, Mainz), Inese Vorontchuk (Riga), Nikolai Beljatski (Minsk)


Competencies for project managers are well defined since many years - competence baselines like IPMA ICB are well establish.

The definitions of competencies in other areas (human resource management, higher education, ... ) are developed in parallel.

Harmonization of concepts for competencies is an important issue for the future - in higher education and in many fields of management.

In this module we will discuss concepts and perspectives.

This module will consist of several sessions :

1. On competencies in higher education - organized by Peter and Sylvie Reusch, José Ramon Otegi Olaso and Nikolai Beljatski

2. On competencies in projects and organizations - organized by Peter Reusch and Inesa Vorontchuk

3. On competencies in public administration - organized by Peter Reusch and students and graduates of the MBA Business Administration for New Public Management - in German